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Celebrating 115 years (1903 – 2018)

The company history can be traced back through a number of owners to the original Papier Poudré Limited in October 1898, who had offices in London, Paris and New York. There was a ‘Papier Poudré Company’ operating in London as early as 1893. The owners of ‘Company’ were the founding Directors of ‘Limited’.

The current owners have been involved with the business since 2010 and in that time have been working hard to re-establish the brand. This includes streamlining the supply chain and introducing new product lines that use the same base paper.

Going forward we intend building upon the success we have had over the last couple of years and hope to introduce further products under the 'Papier Poudré'  and 'Lehcaresor'  brands, both of which are registered trademarks, and have been since 1903.

The company has come full circle since the early days with the original name now in use as well as the original product. Over 100 years of history and still going strong! 

The customer base varies from loyal UK users, who have been using the product for many years and who constantly remind the company of its virtues and benefits, to large Pharmacies who sell a version of the product as their own brand. A visit to our overseas stockist’s page will show you the details of many distributors we have throughout the world.

The following are unsolicited testimonials from a number of the existing customers that can be viewed at our offices. 

‘Fantastic product – there’s nothing like it!!’ – Sharon Lindop, Cottingham, UK

‘Great to hear you’ve taken over this business – great product’ – Patricia Gibb, North Berwick, UK 

‘I have been using Papier Poudré since I was a teenager and would be lost without them!’ – Teena Mason, Norwich, UK

‘Have been a long-time fan of your wonderful product’ – Alp Haydar, UK

‘Wish I had thought of buying the company-best product ever! Have been using for over 20years!’ – Samantha Askham, Kent, UK

The loyal UK customers mentioned earlier have been joined in the last 12 months by new friends throughout the European Union, United States, Canada, China, Israel, Switzerland, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Australia. This demonstrates the international appeal of the product. Internet review searches also give glowing testimonials. 

These are very exciting times for the company and its new owners. We are looking forward to working with our existing customers and suppliers to grow the business.

 Please be wary of imitations - we are the original !

If you are offered the following product it is a fake - it is not made by us and is not made in the UK!


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